Daniel Buchanan

A Traveling Set

Stacey Murdock and Ainsley Soutiere in front of Portland Opera To Go's set for The Elixir of LoveRehearsals have begun for The Elixir of Love with Portland Opera To Go, and we are so excited for our first performances next week! There’s lot of things to look forward to with this show for me, like a great opera, a creative adaptation, generous and talented colleagues, and the mother of all tours throughout Oregon. But I want to tell you about our SET. When we walked into the door to see it the first time, we all just gasped! It is so beautifully designed and executed.


Thomas Hart Benton painting from 1934

The set for this production was conceived by our director and librettist, Kristine McIntyre. She took her inspiration from a painting from 1934 by American artist Thomas Hart Benton. This is the painting:

Kristine told me that only when she saw this painting did she realize that it would be possible to set this opera in the USA in the 1930s.

After Kristine’s inspiration, the set was designed and created by Polly Robbins, with support from members of the Portland Opera technical staff. It is so beautiful and whimsical.