Week 6: A la GRANDE ol' time!

Dru Rutledge here.  Or you might know me better as the 2nd Lady or Papagena. 

Let me tell you a story. A story about a fearless cast and their fearless leader (you can call her Alexis) who traversed the great lands of Oregon — crossing the beautiful Blue Mountains to meet some very tiny Astronauts, through the wonderful Wallowa Mountain range where they appeared to only be 'Halfway' there, and to the bustling hallways of the music school at Eastern Oregon University.  Maybe first, I should explain in greater detail...

Monday, your band of misfits — Samm, David, Stacey, Ainsley, Ksenia, Dru (that's me), Claudia, Anthony and Kevin woke early to assemble at the Hampton Opera Center. After some much needed fuel for both the van and the pianist, we headed towards Pilot Rock Elementary.  While we experienced a small detour on the way (due to a dragon slain in the middle of the road or something) we arrived in plenty of time for our first of two performances.  Welcomed by a live gym and great playing stage, we performed first for the Pilot Rock Astronauts and then for two different schools who had done quite a bit of traveling of their own.  We were told by the custodian that the two small but mighty schools had driven 60 minutes one-way to see The Magic Flute! After an insightful Q&A session POGO headed for the mythical land of La Grande!