Mock's Crest

Week 10: Goodbye (for now)!

Wow!  What a wonderful (almost) three months this has been! We've traversed many miles, sang many hours and made

Oh no! Pamina!

so many new friendships. 

This week we ventured down to beautiful southern Oregon to elementary schools in Medford, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Klamath Falls and back to Portland to perform three public performances at The Hampton Opera Center.

Since this is my last blog, I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories from these three months on the road...

During a Q&A at one school, a young Latino boy raised his hand and asked Claudia if she spoke Spanish.  When she responded (in Spanish), "Yes I do, do you?"  He answered, "Si!" and turned to his teacher with such a look of pride to be able to speak Spanish like one of the opera singers! This meant a lot to Claudia and all of her fellow POGOers as well!


Dear Tamino