Week 8: Banding Together

¡Its your favorite Tercera Dama! Sorry, I was unable to get this blog out sooner....we had NO cell or wifi reception. ANYWAYS!!!! Its another travel week, and the POGO team is MORE than well oiled machine. At this point...I have NO idea how many shows we've done, and how many are left. We travel to a new school....assess our load in situation and performance space, then get to work. Every member of POGO is strong, smart, and important. If someone has an idea or suggestion, we listen *for the most part ;)* If someone asks for help...we help. In our own way...POGO has become a family.

We all are completely invested in educating the children and the surrounding community on the importance of music, especially Opera. We love performing for the kids and especially love when they interacte with us during . #makingoperaaccessible I have total respect for my cast mates. If one of us is sick...we band together to help. Because when we are on the road...we are all we got.  Example: Lovely lady Dru (Papagena/ 2nd Lady/Queen of the night cover) got sick from some crazy virus.......and ¡¡¡LOST HER VOICE!!!

*side note*( this is REALLY scary for singers....like a sprained ankle for a runner.)