Portland Opera To Go

Eight shows this last week...

Greetings all.

Eight shows this last week, includes Woodmere Elementary, Jackson Middle School, Portland Jewish Academy, Portland Center for the Performing Arts, the double bill at Hotel Oregon in McMinnville, 3 shows on our home turf at the Hampton Opera Center, and all the while busily preparing ourselves for the week ahead.

Somehow, I've acclimated to the pace. A typical day might be to rise before dawn, drive in good humor a good distance, splash the set in place as the space allows, don our costumes and watch each other make our entrances with the same vibrance found in those near forgotten days of dress rehearsal, only to exit, reload the truck as quickly and gracefully as we arrived, to do it all yet again often the same day for yet another room full of unsuspecting and subsequently delighted children and children at heart. It remains hard work, but it isn't hard to do, if you know what I mean. We all know the drill now, Elixer is solid and flexible. We are supported by each others professionalism and dedication to the discipline, and we are fueled with the gratitude of our audiences. It is an honor to be a part of.


Erik HundtoftErik Hundtoft