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DON GIOVANNI Character Breakdown

Jason Hardy, Mary Dunleavy, Nicholas Nelson, Sandy Eddy, Jonathan Boyd, and Stefania Dovhan sing about how big of a jerk Giovanni is.

We are in the thick of things over here. Don G -- this is the colloquial way we all seem to be referring to the show around these parts -- moved over to the Keller last Wednesday and Thursday, and we have been hot in tech mode ever since. During this week of technical and dress rehearsals, those directly involved with the production pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe whatever show we're doing. Many of the production staff arrive to the theater by 9 every morning and don't get home until midnight -- or later. During the day they focus the lights cue by cue; they fix places on the set that might need reinforcing or repainting; they modify props based on what has and hasn't worked in rehearsal. (For example, a recent comment from our director in our post-rehearsal notes session: "The blood is all wrong. And there needs to be more of it.")