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My name is Lea and I'm an operaholic!

Lea is taking our Summer Adult Education Class.  We asked Lea to tell us about her experience throughout the class.  Enjoy!


I have a confession to make: My name is Lea and I'm an operaholic. Feed me opera morning, noon, and night and I'm ecstatic . So when Portland Opera announced they were teaching a summer class, I jumped at the opportunity to enroll, so I could be surrounded by fellow opera addicts like myself. This isn't your everyday Opera Appreciation class, however. It's an interactive class called "How Does an Opera Get on its Feet?"

The teacher is Alexis "I am not a musicologist" Hamilton. For someone who is not a musicologist, she knows an enormous amount about opera, both from an academic perspective and as a performer. Alexis has a luscious deep mezzo singing voice which can melt your heart. She also has an extraordinary amount of energy, and during our first class she brought a summary of 600 years of opera to life.

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