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PDX OPERAbeat | A Company Blog is the blog for all things Portland Opera, featuring a variety of guest contributors who will provide insider's tidbits on all we do to celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera.
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The Grand Tour

Today I thought I'd take you on a tour of our office, to give you a taste of where we work every day. If you've never been down here, our office is on the SE waterfront, nestled between OMSI to the north and the Portland Spirit dock to the south. We have a beautiful view of the river (or, right now, of construction for the new bridge -- more on that later) and front door access to the esplanade and Springwater Corridor.

Get yer walkin' shoes on, kids, we're going on a trip!

Welcome to Portland Opera!

The Grand Tour Blog- Front Entrance

The Grand Tour blog- Front Door

Above our front walkway, we recently had a set of solar panels installed. These south-facing panels offset our own electrical use -- and they look pretty cool.

The Grand Tour blog- Solar Panels

Inside the front door, you can watch the energy pour in!

The Grand Tour blog- Solor Display

In the lobby, two employees discuss the construction outside.

The Grand Tour blog- The Lobby

On our first floor are our rehearsal spaces, Box Office, Patron Services, costume shop, and one of the kitchens, as well as an entire room of additional costume storage, rooms for costume work (dyeing, laundering, etc), and our physical plant room. We also have four practice rooms down here. And the snack machines.

We just received a grant to upgrade our kitchen, and it is BEAUTIFUL.