February 2008

Journal Entry #1

Today POGO participated in our first teaching class sessions along with our 3rd Bohème for a school consisting of K-5 students. The students turned out to be a bit rowdy during the class teaching segment, but I chalked it up to their enthusiasm for the upcoming show. The Bohème went really well and the students seemed to really enjoy it. I must admit, I did think the subject matter of Bohème might have been too mature this age group. However, they were a really good audience. Afterwards we started loading the set (that's right, we do it all and sing too). As we were doing this, I noticed one of the students standing off to the side watching us. He was dressed like any other stereotypical "cool" young guy in black jeans that barely hung onto his waist and a black sports jacket 2-3 sizes bigger than he was. He looked at me and asked, "You were in that opera right?" "Yep!", I replied to which he responded, "That was really cool. Thanks for coming." Then, he turned and walked away throwing jabs at the air like he was sparring with an imaginary boxing partner. I thought to myself, "Now that's why we're doing what we do."