March 2008

POGO Top 10

10 Greatest Things About the Portland Opera To Go Tour

Best Clam Chowder
Ship Inn Restaurant & Family Pub – Astoria, OR

Best Hotel
La Quinta - Ashland, OR

Best Destructive Moment
TIE:  Backing the Opera van into a parked car & knocking over a flat screen computer monitor during a scene change.  We won’t mention the locations.  (Both courtesy of Sarah Kim)

Best Audience
Canyonville Christian Academy - Canyonville, OR

Best Beach
Newport Beach, OR

Best Question from a 4th grader
“Can I have your number?”  (to Sarah Kim)

Best Free Gift
T-Shirts from Riley Creek Elementary School – Gold Beach, OR

Best Marionberry Scone
Gold Beach Books – Gold Beach, OR

Best Opera Improv Story
“Fractured Fairy Tale”  
The Big Bad Wolf is captured and put on trial by one of the three little pigs, cross-examined by prosecuting attorney Cinderella, and discovers the judge is none other than Little Red Riding Hood in disguise.

Best Coffee Shop
Great Pacific, Pendleton, OR