March 2009

FROM THE TOUR: All I Need to Know about being on tour I learned from Kindergarten.

This is my first time being on tour and I mean really on tour, out of town for a week at a time on tour.  I wasn’t sure I knew how to be on tour.  After spending some time with many different Kindergarten classes before the performances I began to realize that all I needed to know about being on tour I had learned in Kindergarten.


Rule number one, share everything.  This rule was easy!  After week one we had all passed around a cold of some form.  Once we hit the road Sarah and Wendy learned how to share their costumes.  I shared all my tissue, gum, tic-tacs, and ibuprophen. Oh, and we all had to share hotel rooms.


#2 Don’t hit people.  I must have missed this day in Kindergarten.  During the fight over the hat I almost hit Wendy in the eye.  I scratched Wendy’s arm during one show.  Sarah hit me in the face once when I was trying to get past her to the prince.  Stacey loves to hit whoever is playing Tisbe with a pillow.  Maybe we all missed this lesson.


#3 Clean up your own mess.  I use to try to pick up all the feathers my boa would leave on gym floors, but after a while I just gave up and picked up everyone’s empty water bottles.


#4 Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.  I can’t count the number of times “I’m sorry” gets whispered back stage during the show because someone has ignored the “don’t hit people” rule.


#5 Wash your hands before you eat.  We have all learned to wash our hands or use hand sanitizer after giving high fives and shaking kids’ hands.  I think we have finally gotten rid of the sickness that we have been sharing!