October 2011

All about corsets!

"This music is like electric gossip." -- Maestro Pelto, on the overture to The Marriage of Figaro

Rehearsals continue! In just a few days, we will move all our rehearsal gear over to Keller Auditorium for one last week of technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals. And then we open!

Figaro presents some very interesting challenges for our costume shop, because many of the characters get dressed (and undressed) onstage, in front of the audience, while singing. This means that the costumes have to be very easy and straightforward to put on, and, as last week's rehearsal notes suggest, "singer-proof"! There have been a lot of changes to the costumes thus far, and a few accidents. Hence the following type of rehearsal notes:

1. Thank you for the quick ruffle removal on Susanna's veil today. That's all we needed to make it "less petticoat."
2. For Act I, Susanna will enter in the waist cincher, blouse and petticoat. She puts the blue bodice on onstage and will remove the cincher and blouse on an exit in Act I.
3. Can the hook/eye at the top of Susanna's blue bodice be any larger?
4. We had a few mishaps in rehearsal today: many of the buttons came off Cherubino's pants, and there is a rip in the lower back area of Marcellina's robe.
5. Please ADD a very large snap to the top of the blue ombre robe -- the hook isn't staying closed with all the vigorous action.
6. Cherubino removes his shoes onstage.

Here's another interesting fact for you: in this show, all the characters wear corsets. All of them -- including the men.

Our costume cutter/draper, Rae Minten, very sweetly took a little time to set some of the corsets up on dress forms so you could see them.  This beautiful one is the Count's:


Here's a close up of the detail: