February 2012

How to Like Music

Not Opera

Over the weekend, I attended FearNoMusic's "100 Years of John Cage," a collaboration with YU Contemporary. To be completely honest with you, I wasn't really that excited about the concert; I was only going because our Associate Music Director and Chorusmaster, Rob Ainsley, was singing -- his Portland debut! -- a piece called Litany for the Whale, for two baritones who sing the sounds W-H-A-L-E, call-and-response style.


Rob Ainsley, Whale


As it turned out, Friday night's concert -- and not just Rob's portion of it -- was possibly the best performance I've ever attended in my life. I walked in with a totally closed mind. I didn't like this kind of music; I was only there to support my friend; I was leaving after the whalesong. Despite that, I left totally transformed. I spent half my day Saturday reading about John Cage.