April 2012


Welcome back, blog readers! The blog has taken a brief hiatus so that I could catch my breath after Galileo Galilei Because PHEW, people.

We are in the middle of our second week of rehearsals for Bernstein's Candide! The artists arrived early last week and have been locked in the rehearsal room ever since. (We do occasionally let them out for snacks). The chorus is having a fabulous time -- they have a huge and absolutely hilarious role in this show -- and the rest of us can't wait to see it! We head into the Keller on Thursday to begin rehearsing there.

Excerpts from the Candide rehearsal notes
- We are using the silver paper nose for Pangloss, not the laminated one.

- Please put a larger wrist loop on the billy club.

- Please bring the gym mats to Keller - for catching sheep as they are thrown offstage.

- A total of 2 death warrants per show are used.

- The sparkle necklace takes a small amount of light onstage abuse - pulled off, etc.

- Please ADD pom pom hats and pink armbands for Jan and Matt. A total of 6 people wear pink armbands and pom pom hats.