January 2013

Polishing, safety, and tacos...POGO Week 2!

After a restful weekend, the intrepid POGO troupe assembled on a chilly Monday morning ready for another week of staging rehearsals!

Monday was a work through day.  We started at the beginning and scene by scene we went through fixing and polishing The Magic Flute.  There was lots of repetition, but it was a very productive and rewarding day.

We had a safety class on Tuesday.  On the Portland Opera To Go tour we are our own road crew, therefore, we needed instruction on proper lifting and carrying procedures.  Mission accomplished!  After the meeting we had another run through.  The show is going to be awesome!  Everyone sounds amazing!  At 1 o’clock we broke for lunch.

Most of the artists are really good about fixing their own lunches, but I like to sample the cafes around the opera.  Cooper’s Coffee is a great place for lunch.  Cooper’s has great sandwiches, wraps, soups, and an amazing Mediterranean quiche.    Across from Cooper’s is a great little taco truck!  La Merced has handmade tamales and some of the best burritos I have ever had!  Kevin, Anthony,  Claudia and I all give La Merced 2 thumbs up!  This is my 9th season with POGO, and one of my favorite lunch spots is Tennessee Red’s.  They make some great BBQ on 11th and Grant!