June 2013

More adventures in music librarian-ing: Salome edition


This is my last week in the office until July. I'm off contract for three weeks, then return for three weeks in July to work exclusively on the gala, then off for three more weeks, returning in August for the 13-14 season. Being away from the library for the summer, as most librarians are, presents an interesting set of challenges. It's like preparing to go on a vacation except the vacation is many weeks long and nobody can call you if something goes wrong. (Technically they can call me -- I'm not going anywhere -- but because I am off contract we try to avoid that.)


My main goals for this period between the close of Falstaff and my final day in the office have been 1) to get all the rentals for the gala set up, so that the music arrives while I'm back in July; and 2) to clean and correct all the Salome parts in order to get them to the orchestra before I leave.


Salome horn 4

Salome horn IV. Yikes.


Yes. Salome. Salome, which begins rehearsing in OCTOBER. What can I say? It's a really hard piece of music. I can't give it to the orchestra with the normal lead time, which is 3 weeks before the first rehearsal. It's extremely, extremely difficult music, and they haven't played it since 1990. I imagine many of our people haven't played it at all.