July 2013

Portland Opera’s 2013 Summer Class Begins!

Logan is taking our Summer Opera Education Class: "Putting it Together."  We asked her to share her experiences throughout this 8-week interactive class.  Updates will be posted weekly.  Enjoy!


The Summer Opera Education Class “Putting It Together” has begun! This is a fantastic opportunity to get a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Portland Opera and its productions. Twenty-one opera fanatics (including myself) have set aside each Wednesday evening for the next eight weeks to be educated, enlightened, and engrossed in the lessons and lectures of Alexis Hamilton, Manager of Education & Outreach.

Our first class began with a warm welcome and friendly introductions by going around the room sharing our names and our first opera experiences. My first opera experience had actually been with the Portland Opera, and I’ve been hooked ever since: I saw the double feature of Pagliacci and Carmina Burana, directed by Christopher Mattaliano in 2010. After we shared our first operas with several oohs and ahs of reminiscence, Alexis took us on a quick tour of The Hampton Opera Center, hinting at the different stages of opera production to be discussed in lessons to come.

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