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Happy New Year!

It's a new year, everybody!  We are in the midst of gearing up for everything. Once we get back from the holidays, things around here are pretty relentlessly busy until the season closes. Here is a taste of what's going on:

Madame Butterfly cast members come in tomorrow night, and we'll hit the ground running with rehearsals on Wednesday. The chorus began rehearsing at the end of December; orchestra musicians already have their music. The set is built downstairs in our rehearsal space. We're so excited to get going again. We've had two months without opera!

Our 2012-2013 season will be revealed this Thursday, January 12. I've known next year's lineup for months, but I'm afraid I'm sworn to secrecy! Just trust me: it's big. Stay tuned.

Soprano Lindsay Ohse will give the second in our Portland Opera Studio Artist recital series on January 31 at Portland Art Museum's Whitsell Auditorium. Lindsay will be performing songs by Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and Poulenc. She is a charming performer -- it's going to be a beautiful recital.

The company holiday party is tomorrow. Those of us on the committee have reached that party planning moment when you're kind of out of your mind with the number of things left to do. You know that moment? Inside my brain right now, it sounds like this: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

But despite our half-panic, we'll pull it together as we always do. Much of today and tomorrow will be spent setting up the party rooms, hanging lights, running to the store for last minute items. I've mentioned we throw a great party, right? We throw a great party.

Some of my costumes from years past:

2009: Lady Gaga
Happy New Year blog

2010: Luau
Happy New Year 2

This year's theme is Game Night. Of course, I have another great costume. Stay tuned next week for a recap.

Portland Opera welcomed a new member to its "family" last week! Our former POSA mezzo, Hannah Penn -- last seen as The Child in Ravel's L'enfant et les Sortileges last season -- gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Wednesday, January 4. Genevieve Moira Muir was a healthy 8 pounds, 13 ounces, and let me tell you, readers, she is ADORABLE. Hannah, her husband, Joe, and their daughter are at home recovering now, and everybody is doing fine. I didn't get to witness it firsthand, but Hannah and Joe tell me that Genevieve sounds nothing like a newborn when she cries -- she's already got a loud and imperious set of pipes! As if we expected any less from two opera singer parents. There was an audible cheer around the office when we heard the news. Congrats, Hannah and Joe!

Happy New Year 3