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Each year Portland Opera To Go takes an opera on the road, sharing the power of opera, music, and theater with schools and communities throughout Oregon and SW Washington. It’s not necessarily the easiest thing in the world, as you might imagine. But it’s one of the most rewarding . . . for us and for the thousands upon thousands of students who get to experience live opera, many for the first time.

And this blog will give you a first-hand view from the performers themselves of what it’s like when Opera hits the road!


Here’s a link to more information on the tour and the program.

FROM THE TOUR: Cute Phrases from Kids

“You look like my 19 year old brother.”
“Can you tell me what a moaning moose sounds like?”
“My favorite was the pink and the green princesses.”

Portland Opera To Go Cinderella castWe are heading out on our first road trip from Boring, OR to Seaside on the Cinderella tour and the group is already jiving really well. The set is pretty easy to assemble especially with 9 sets of hands to move things in and out of schools. The costumes are gorgeous and the kids love that they are color specific to each character. Cinderella and Ramiro are blue, Tisbe and the Father are Green and Clorinda is Pink. I am amazed at how quickly the kids recognize the different colors and identify them with the individual characters.
Cinderella meets her fansI have discovered an interesting phenomenon while on tour so far. I like to call it- “the princess factor.” I can see it in the little girls’ eyes as soon as Cinderella asks them a question or when Cinderella comes out on stage in her blue dress or after the show when the kids just want to touch “the princess.” It is amazing to think that they actually believe you are a princess and live at Disneyland. Princesses truly have become heroines for little girls.
I am excited to arrive in Seaside and have the evening to spend with my new colleagues getting to know each other. We have people from as far as Kentucky and New York and as close as Multnomah Village. But we all share a common love for this art form and feel so blessed to have this opportunity to bring opera to schools throughout the state.
Written by Sarah Norton