Last week, while everybody else was celebrating presidential birthdays (presumably this is what you did with last Monday's federal holiday), those of us who run and attend rehearsals were here in our studio bright and early to attend a design presentation from our director and designer, and then the first 'sing-thru' of Rinaldo. We kind of can't believe it, having only closed Tosca a week before (!).


Because we build it from scratch each year, the Newmark show is very special to us. There's something indescribably cozy about the process, because it is almost entirely an 'in house' production -- there are normally very few guest artists or designers. And it's true again this year: the whole cast is made up of current or former Resident Artists. There's a lot more work involved, because, of course, we're building it from scratch, but it's also immensely satisfying, a very different kind of satisfying than the other shows we produce. Plus, the Newmark is a beautiful space and we always have a lot of fun over there.


the set of RInaldo

Part of the set of Rinaldo, built for us by local scene shop Stage Right. Yes, that is a sink.