Big Night 2012

Did you hear? We threw a gala this weekend.

Side note: how do you pronounce gala? I say gal-a, like "that gal is rocking that dress." Some people say gall-a, like, "who would have the gall to say it any other way?" And some people say gay-la. All three ways are technically accurate, but we have definitely gone around the office discussing the best way to say it. The jury is out. (I'm right).

Anyway: Big Night 2012!

As last year, the lead up to our Big Night event was a whirlwind. There are a ton of logistical issues to deal with: food carts to bring in, a beer garden to permit and rope off, a giant screen to hang. T-shirts to order for the street fair staff, bands to hire, volunteers to organize.

Exceptionally attractive stars of locally-shot TV shows to hire as emcee. OMG.

Sasha Roiz, who plays Captain Renard on NBC's Grimm, with (from L): Tracy Wenckus, Lauren Bryan, Claudie Fisher, Julia Sheridan, and Casey McDermott, members of our Communications team

Also: sheet music to rent, sheet music to buy, sheet music to build, book, copy, distribute, cut, rearrange, sort, erase, remark, etc. Also, shiny new orchestra folders to build out of black cardstock and gaff tape.

folder-making station.