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What do we do?

Portland Opera To Go! Pianist David Saffert works with students in Estacada, ORPortland Opera To Go seeks to provide children, educators and communities with the opportunity to engage in the magical, riveting, rewarding world of opera by producing high quality, accessible programming in communities throughout Oregon and SW Washington.  We seek to challenge assumptions about the opera and connect with audiences on a visceral level, through good humor, artistry and enthusiasm.  Each school we visit receives classroom time with our talented teaching artists and curriculum designed to meet Oregon Benchmarks and No Child Left Behind requirements.  To learn more about what we do, read this article written by a teacher after a Portland Opera To Go school appearance.




Where do we go?

Children enjoy a Portland Opera To Go! performance at McMenamins' Kenedy SchoolEach year we visit communities as diverse as Bend, Nehalem, La Grande, Prairie City—if there is a dot on the map where you live, we are willing to go there!  In addition, we hope that you will get the chance to experience the enchantment of opera with your children at the Hampton Opera Center.  We'll see you at the opera!







Contact Alexis Hamilton, Manager of Education & Outreach for additional tour information.

Stacey Murdock performs for students at Astoria Elementary © The Daily Astorian, 2011


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