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Photo by Cory Weaver.


I loved the production. I

I loved the production. I thought Susannah Biller was perfectly cast in the role of Nanetta. She looked the part and sang with a beautiful sensitivity and range. The orchestra under Mistro Manahan played with full orchestral vigor and sensitivity. Especially the English Horn with the tenor solo.

Fine singing, great acting,

Fine singing, great acting, magnificent orchestra (although it covered Ford's understudy's voice), great season close! Lots of empty seats, though, possibly owing to earlier presentations. We've not renewed our season's tickets because we prefer classical presentations sans the kitsch. We'll read the reviews here to select which operas to see.

A night of mirth. A night of

A night of mirth. A night of song. A night of art. These precious Gifts were given to us in a delightful way by that lecherous drunk, Falstaff.
The Merry Wives and the gang of, mostly, clueless Males, kept us deliciously entertained. We chuckled and snickered throughout the evening.
Thank you Portland Opera.
And, a warm thank you to those artists who put aside their serious classical person, to bounce and dance and sing a bit of slapstick. Verde would have been proud. (We certainly were).
Applause, applause, applause !
*Susannah Biller's Portland debut should mean, We'll see her again, (please !)

A delightful evening again.

A delightful evening again. Perfect musicality. Everything spot-on and also in best of taste. My impossible
dream: having il signor Mattaliano direct all you productions.

Malle Kollom

My wife and I think that

My wife and I think that Falstaff is the best opera we've seen at PO. It was certainly the best sung overall, and the stage direction and singing rescued the beauty, lyricism and humor of the last act, which is often too darkly and lugubriously staged. It was a revelation. The conducting and playing were simply extraordinary. We've seen three stage performances of the opera, including the one In Seattle recently, and I have two different recordings of the work, but in none of them was the playing as precise or as opulent as in this production. Christopher is to be praised for his excellent stage direction and for obtaining the perfect singers for every role. It is impossible to single out a singer who outshone the rest, perhaps because this production had the most authentic ensemble feeling we've seen at PO, where this aspect of the opera is often very fine. I am still humming the tunes almost a week later.

Robert A. Nye

Thoroughly enjoyed Falstaff.

Thoroughly enjoyed Falstaff. It was so much fun. I prefer comedy over tragedy and it was the perfect opera for Mother's Day. Voices were wonderful. The sound system wasn't the best. Would have been nice to have a speaker close to the orchestra on the right side of the stage. More comedies, please.

The midnight scene seemed a

The midnight scene seemed a lot like Midsummer Night's Dream. Is this the way Verdi wrote it or more of a Portland Opera adaptation?

My wife and I second

My wife and I second everything others have said about Falstaff. After Cenerentola, it is the funniest opera we've seen. The singing was first-class throughout as was the acting and the little "pixies" in the last act were charming. We missed Don Giovanni, but, after what we heard about it, we hope Falstaff washed the bad taste out of people's mouths. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish. We can't wait for next season.

I just have to tell you about

I just have to tell you about Portland Opera's production of Falstaff because it was so very satisfying. The antics of the first act were reminiscent of Rossini's Barber of Seville while those of the second were more like Mozart's The Magic Flute, but the music was pure Verdi through and through. The sets, costumes, and staging were traditional - no attempts to "modernize" in any way - and it was well sung through out. No knock-your-socks off performances, just sweet women's voices and, for the most part, robust men's. Over two hours of comfortable listening to glorious ensembles. John is happy I coaxed him to go. He actually liked it! Thank heavens for comedy!

Wonderful opera in spite of

Wonderful opera in spite of the Keller. I really liked just the single intermission. Great Idea, Chris.

What a delightful way to

What a delightful way to spend a truly memorable Mother's Day! Fun, entertaining, with fabulous sets, costumes, and performances by all! I was so impressed with the quality of the entire ensemble's voices & acting - thank you Portland Opera for brightening my day!

Great opera, great stage

Great opera, great stage setting. For me, what was best to see was how the Portland Opera turned an unfortunate situation, Westen Hurt (male that played Ford) being injured in an accident the week before, into a positive situation. Westen played Ford confined to a wheelchair, and it actually added to the comedy of Falstaff. Seeing Ford pushed around his house in a wheelchair while waving his cane wildly like a madman and ordering his staff to find Falstaff was extremely amusing. Westen Hurt, the entire cast, director, and the Portland Opera should be commended for their improvisational skills and execution.

Great Fun! Bravo, Bravo,

Great Fun!

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! This was a wonderful way to close the season and a delightful way to spend a warm May evening. The stage production, the orchestra, the direction, and of course the singers were all outstanding. I was impressed with the way the unavoidable modern device (wheelchair) was seamlessly incorporated and did not in anyway intrude upon the quality of the production. It just became something that was there. The singing was exceptional and the jovality refreshing. Thank you Portland Opera for another wonderful season.

This is a fabulous opera! We

This is a fabulous opera! We were lucky enough to go the the dress rehearsal, and it's a truly fun and lively opera. While not normally a fan of comic opera, this one has cured me of that attitude. Verdi's score is vivid and never pauses in its beauty, the troupe is beautifully balanced and there are some great voices. Eduardo Chama is beguiling! His voice is spectacular, his comic timing flawless, he was a delight to watch. Even the unexpected addition of a wheelchair to the production was well integrated, proving that great costumes and great voices and great acting can overcome any obstacle. Bravi.