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We were a little concerned at

We were a little concerned at the beginning that the dramatic impact would be lacking. But that concern was quickly put aside as the opera unfolded with splendid acting and powerful singing. In the final scene of Salome's madness, my wife and I - along with the entire audience - sat rapt watching her self-destruction. Brava! Bravi!

Wonder evening. Portland

Wonder evening. Portland Opera just keeps getting better. Christopher: I hope you know how much we really appreciate you and what you are doing.
I did not think that the attempt at a current middle east setting added anything positive to the performance. It really was not necessary.
When operas like this are performed so rarely, it is not necessary to try a fresh approach.

Salome was a stunner! A

Salome was a stunner! A fantastic production! It was wonderful, astounding, despicable, frightening and the most wonderful night of theatre I've experienced in years.

Bravo Portland Opera! Great singers, great design and stage direction that told a story and kept me on the edge of my seat during the entire show. I wish I had gone to all of the performances. And I must mention how good the orchestra sounded. What a delight to hear that powerful score supporting the drama on the stage. Wow!

Keep up the good work and bring us more like this and last Spring's Fallstaff! Both signs of great things to come.

We weren't sure if we would

We weren't sure if we would like Salome or not. Glad we saw it; powerful and with excellent singing from all, especially Salome and John the Baptist. Now we are looking forward to Lucia.

Bravo!! Well done.

Bravo!! Well done.

The opera was gripping from

The opera was gripping from beginning to end. The singing was outstanding. The orchestra was fantastic, but sometimes a little too loud. I had never seen it before and didn't particularly expect to love it, but I did, and the 3 other people with me did too. Scene design was amazing and effective. The only flaws that bothered me were that the supertitles were too difficult to read when the bright lights were on onstage, so I missed the middle of the story, and the mass of paper that dropped onto the stage at the end of the show was bizarre, anti-climactic and silly. I'm trying to find video from another production to see how it ends. The cast had quite a bit of trouble walking through the paper for their curtain calls, which added to the distraction and silliness of it.