Did you attend Portland Opera's BIG NIGHT event?

If you attended Portland Opera's BIG NIGHT event, tell us what you thought.  Did you enjoy the performances?  Did you watch the movie?  Did you discover a new favorite food cart?




OK This was a GREAT NIGHT!!

OK This was a GREAT NIGHT!! Someone at PO is thinking outside the box. This is how you reach the masses to show them that Opera is a great medium. PLEASE keep this type of event going and it can only benefit everyone. The food was good, the concert AMAZING and really enjoyed seeing A Night at the Opera. Keep up the great work.

Thank you to all of you who

Thank you to all of you who have joined the conversation about Portland Opera's inaugural BIG NIGHT concert. We hope you had a great time at this first-ever street fair, greatest hits concert and live simulcast of a Portland Opera performance.

General Director Chris Mattaliano and all of us at Portland Opera greatly appreciate both your kind compliments and suggestions for improvement. Keep the comments coming - your feedback will be very valuable as we evaluate this inaugural event and plan for next season's BIG NIGHT.

- Peter Bilotta
Director of Communications & Development



Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the wonderful evening outside at the opera! The weather was fantastic and most of the show was wonderful.
The only sad mistake was the third band chosen for the Pre concert entertainment. They subjected us to over and hour of torture. Their music wasn't operatic or even original and their deafening volume made me want to leave before I got to see the opera that I came for. Please don't let them be involved in a Portland Opera event ever again. It would have been much nicer to see either inside or outside, a skit or interactive presentation by the PO-GO team that the event was a benefit for.
The simulcast was great. I was up close and the screen seemed to be somewhat higher than was comfortable to view it because we had to look up.
I'm not sure the guessing game about what the music was before you showed us on the screen was appropriate. It would have been nice to know who the performers, soloists, and even Chorus members were and the character they were before they started singing. If you didn't have time to print a program it should have been available on the screen. It would have been even more enticing to know if they are going to be in the operas during the upcoming season. I appreciated the little blurb about the opera you did show us but I missed the translations of the words that you always do in your performances. I know that some opera enthusiasts pride themselves on their education and familiarity with the music and the story of the opera. However, most of us are still learning and do what we can to educate ourselves when we attend an opera by going to the pre performance discussions and reading our programs from cover to cover. Last night was the one time during the opera season dedicated to education (Benefit for PO-GO) and it could have been the one time that you used every opportunity to educate the audience. I'm sure the inside attendees would have found a little more information comforting.
I have seen a couple of the PO-GO presentations and they are wonderfully entertaining as well as informative. So please, leave the Met Broadcast Intermission Opera Quiz up to the Met. We need to excite the younger generation about opera not scare them away with secrets and words they don't understand. The stories that most operas tell are "mature" to say the least, so lets keep the secrets out of the education we offer.
I'll share my dream and quit. I would like to see Simulcasts of all the operas Portland Opera presents.
You showed us last night that today's technology will allow you to Simulcast. Can it go to a theater like the one in the KOIN building across Clay street. That way we could recreate last night and not have to worry about our more typical weather. I am willing to help make my dream come true. If anyone else thinks that my dream is a good idea. Please tell Portland Opera and lets make it happen.

Chris Mattaliano, you really

Chris Mattaliano, you really knocked it out of the ballpark last night! Eat your heart out, NY Met. I thought the evening was perfect and magical. I was in the auditorium, would have loved to see how the people outside reacted. I hope you do this again next year, although last night can't be topped. I hope you reap a lot of $$$ for the educational fund - I know I will be contributing!

I really enjoyed the gala!

I really enjoyed the gala! The music was wonderful, the soloists were great, and the movie was fun! The only thing lacking was Mozart. I came with a big group and everyone loved it. I hope to be able to go again next year!

We sat outside beginning at

We sat outside beginning at 5:30. I wasn't crazy about the opening bands, as they didn't seem in the spirit of the rest of the evening. But once the main event began, I loved the performances, the sound was good, and we could see very well. I hadn't seen A Night at the Opera Before. This was a perfect evening for a first time viewing, and we stayed through to the end of the movie. I thought that the whole event was a great idea, quite imaginative and fun, and hope that it continues next year. I suggest trying different music for the opening acts next time - perhaps gypsy jazz, a string quartet, or even March 4th. It certainly helped that the weather cooperated. I appreciate Portland Opera bringing what could be a prohibitively expensive event to everyone who wants to see it - for free. Thanks Portland Opera!