Aida Working Rehearsal Photos

Working rehearsals are a magical place.  Jeans and tennis shoes, a hint of costumes, a few props, a piano, and lots of time, sweat, and talent.  Here's a quick look behind the scenes as we get Aida ready for its May 9 Keller Auditorium opening.




Technician Rick Schreiner in a cubby hole beneath the huge set with all the machinery and computers that run the revolving set.


And the leading lady!!  Heralded for almost a year in Aida graphics . . . and now brightly running around the region on TriMet buses, Lisa Daltirus is a powerful presence.  With a voice that has almost stopped rehearsals in their tracks.
Anyone who saw our 2005 Tosca will remember the powerful force of Greer Grimsley as Scarpia.  Here, as Aida's father Amonasro, that same power comes through loud and clear. Aida is a love story at its heart.  And a tragic one to be sure.  Here, a poignant moment between Radames (Phillip Webb) and Aida.
Aida is perhaps the grandest of all operas.  And grand opera means dance.  Expect a triumphal march complete with dazzling dance.  Maestro Vjekoslav Sutej (or "Gigi" as he's known here) brings an exuberant passion to the podium. 
And over it all, a guiding light for the company and the rehearsals, our mission--"to celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera."


More information about Aida here.

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