Aida dress rehearsal photos





Soprano Lisa Daltirus is the Ethiopian slave, Aida.


Keith Miiller (l) is Egyptian Chief of Scared Priests, Ramfis and Philip Webb (w/ sword) is the Captain of the Egyyptian Guard, Radames.  They stand on an enormous bronze eagle (35 ft. wingspan x 24 ft. high) that symbolizes Horace, the God of Power.


Jeffrey Beruan (center in purple robe) is the King of Egypt and Leann Sandel-Pantaleo (r) is his daughter, Amneris. Tenor Philip Webb sings Radames, the Egyptian Captain loved by both Aida and Amneris.
Lisa Daltirus (l) is Aida, and Greer Grimsley (r) is her father, the King of Ethiopia, who has been taken captive by the Egyptians. Ethiopian slave Aida Lisa Daltirus (l) and her mistress Amneris, Leann Sandel-Pantaleo, Amneris (r) are rivals for the love of Radames.


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