La Traviata Performance Photos!

With the 2008/09 season-opening production of La Traviata set to open on Friday, September 26, we're happy to share some of the most powerful moments of the production!  Photos courtesy Cory Weaver.



Violetta and Alfredo

Act I.  Love blooms between Violetta (soprano Maria Kanyova) and Alfredo (tenor Richard Troxell).



Act I.  But suddenly Violetta has second thoughts about giving up her lively world and sings the famous "Sempre Libera."


Germond and Violetta

Act II.  She eventually gives in to that love, sharing her life with Alfredo, only to hear from Alfredo's father (baritone Richard Zeller) that she must abandon that love.


Germond and Alfredo

Act II.  Alfredo gets the same message from his father.


Violetta and Alfredo

Act III.  And so the two have parted ways.  But in this powerful scene, the lovers reunite.  Alas, Violetta is clearly very ill.


Violetta dies in Alfredo's arms
Act III.  The final moment as Violetta dies.


More information about La Traviata here.

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