The Hampton Opera Center


In 2003, Portland Opera established The Hampton Opera Center, consolodating music and staging rehearsals, coaching facilities, the costume shop, and administrative offices under one roof. Located in Portland's central eastside industrial district, The Hampton Opera Center is also home to the Portland Opera Box Office and the Portland Opera Studio.


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The Hampton Opera Center, home of our Studio Theater and administrative and ticket offices, is currently surrounded by construction for the City's new Portland/Milwaukie light rail and bridge project. As a result, we expect traffic delays and detours for the next few years.

We strongly recommend that you allow ample time when traveling to The Hampton Opera Center or get in touch by phone when possible. We're set up to handle anything you might need — from tickets to information — with a quick and easy phone call.

The Hampton Opera Center is located at 211 SE Caruthers St, just south of OMSI.

Business Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

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Mailing Address:

The Hampton Opera Center
211 SE Caruthers St
Portland, OR 97214

Phone: 503-241-1802
Toll free: 866-739-6737
Fax: 503-241-4212
Email: info@portlandopera.prg