JR Kamra

Supply Chain Manager, Nike
Describe your role with Portland Opera

Patron and Board Member, Portland Opera

How did you get involved with the opera?

My interest in opera started when I saw my first opera in Atlanta, GA in 2010. From that time, I have tried to support the local opera company in my community through being a patron as well as volunteering on the board or junior board. I was on the Young Professional Committee supporting the Atlanta Opera, and the junior board of MN Opera. Most recently, I was on the board for Opera Memphis. 

What is your favorite Portland Opera memory/what are you most looking forward to?

I am interested in helping promote and champion Portland Opera's mission: "We gather and inspire audiences, artists, and collaborators to create shared opera experiences that enliven and connect us all, enhancing the cultural landscape of the beautiful Pacific Northwest," as well as, hopefully, bringing ideas on developing the new patron of the opera, and engaging the entire community to know about and support the opera. I would like to bring ideas on how we can expose the art to more and more people within the community. 


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