Alberto Rincon-Pardo

Broadway Ticketing Representative


Describe what you do for Portland Opera

I am joining the Broadway Ticketing team! I will be helping Broadway subscribers with any issues they may have and working at the box office during show nights. 

Are you involved in any other organizations or causes in the community? Please share!  

I volunteer at a nonprofit called Venezuela’s Voice in Oregon. The organization focuses on sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela and giving scholarships to the Latin community. I help with organizing medical supplies and helping deliver them to be shipped out. Helping the Venezuelan community means a lot to my family and I since we are immigrants from Venezuela.  

In my free time, you can usually find me... 

I have several hobbies I like to do in my free time! I am a gamer who enjoys playing video games on my computer, creating art (whether it be writing or music) and playing all sorts of board games. Recently I have been learning more about D&D and have been exploring that world! I am very nerdy so if you love Star Wars and Star Trek we will get along great! 

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