Felda Saunders

Accounting Specialist
Describe what you do for Portland Opera:

I am one of the Accounting Specialists - I gather all the information that are sent to me and reconcile them making sure that everything checks and balances. I basically oversee the receivable side for the company.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a singer and dancer at one point just because I enjoy doing both. But then as I got a little older, I wanted to learn more about computers, but then I landed in the hospitality family and worked my way up the ladder.  I spent a good 2 decades in the hospitality world, in which where I learned my accounting background.

In my free time, you can usually find me...

Ironically – I never really had free time, for the last 2 decades I have always had 2 sometimes 3 jobs. And when I had free time, I would either catch up on sleep or do house chores. Unless my kids had events or games.

I also spend a lot of time volunteering within my Filipino American Association Community here in the Portland/Vancouver Vicinity. I am the new Vice President of this non-profit association. So, a lot of my “free time” going forward will be spent with our Fil-Am community.

Do you have hike/park/scenic view in Oregon that inspires you?

I am a water person – I love the view and sound of the water and ocean; it calms me and is refreshing.

What's your favorite season in Portland/why?

I enjoy watching the leaves fall and the leaves grow in the spring.

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