Community Voices

Explore community projects, conversations, partnerships, creative learning activities, resources, and ways to engage.

Industry & Community Resources

Here are some ways you can learn more about industry-wide and regional opportunities and news from our partners and community. 

OPERA America

OPERA America leads and serves the entire opera community, supporting the creation, presentation, and enjoyment of opera.

Visit their website. 

Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC)

Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) works to enrich our region's communities through arts and culture through access, funding, public art, advocacy, and arts education. 

Visit the RACC website.

Black Opera Alliance

The mission of the Black Opera Alliance is to empower Black classical artists and administrators by exposing systems of racial inequity and under-representation of the African diaspora in all facets of the industry and challenging institutions to implement drastic reform.

Learn more. 

Connect with Portland Opera

There are many ways to connect with Portland Opera: as a board member, volunteer, donor, patron, and more! 

Community Engagement Working Group

As part of our strategic plan, we've created a Community Engagement Working Group to build connection and stronger communities for all. Our Community Engagement committee meets weekly with community members, artists, educators, and stakeholders to develop a meaningful civic, social, and artistic practice for Portland Opera’s future.

Current community partners in this working group include Jenny Stadler of PHAME Academy, Jonathan Garcia of Portland Public Schools, and Dr. Leroy Bynum of Portland State University. In addition, the working group is comprised of Portland Opera Board members Curtis T. Thompson, MD, Linda Brown, Diana Harris, Hugh Harris, Christine Lewis, Carole Morse, and Greg Tibbles; as well as staff members  Sue Dixon, Alexis Hamilton, and Tracy Wenckus

We’re working on adapting some of our current programs and initiatives, as well as adding new activities and opportunities for engagement. 

If you have a question or idea to share with us, please email the team.