Mission and Values


Since 1964, Portland Opera has contributed to the cultural, artistic, and economic landscape of the city and region that we love. Our commitment to our audiences and community has been, and remains, vital to our work and ability to thrive.

At this moment, we want to reaffirm our responsibility to this community—by presenting work that inspires our humanity and reflects our love for this art form.

It is true that the stories we tell often reflect a time, place, and society of the past. The actions and attitudes of the characters we present on stage do not always represent contemporary or acceptable worldviews. We believe that revisiting these works of art remains a worthy enterprise, and that they can give us a unique opportunity to face history and the past—through dialogue and collaboration.

Let us be clear: there is no place for bigotry, discrimination, hate, harassment, or intolerance at Portland Opera.

We remain committed to welcoming people of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, gender identities, nationalities, races, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds to Portland Opera.

We believe that opera can unlock our hearts, and deepen our understanding of our shared human experience. We invite you to join us.


Portland Opera exists to inspire, challenge and uplift our audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera.

To learn more about our work, our history, and our commitment to community, please contact our External Affairs team:

Sue Dixon | Director of External Affairs | sdixon@portlandopera.org
Lacey Rowberg | Associate Director of Development | lrowberg@portlandopera.org
Andrea Tichy | Associate Director of Marketing and Audience Development | atichy@portlandopera.org