5 Reasons Why

Five reasons to see and hear When the Sun Comes Out

“Uyeda’s composition of a libretto by poet Rachel Rose is finessed, lush when it needs to be and utilizes consonant harmonies sparingly to highlight the underlying angst of the characters caught in an oppressive regime, and to really showcase the moments of true happiness. The story is relevant, poignant, and transferable to any community I see in the news.”
- Greg Finney

1. One of our favorite guest artists.

Sandra Piques Eddy returns to Portland Opera for this production. She was last seen in Orfeo ed Euridice, and is one of our patrons' favorite Portland Opera guest artists. 

2. The orchestration.

Featuring a quintet of musicians from the Portland Opera Orchestra, the beautiful orchestration of this intimate production means getting to see five wonderful musicians making art together just a few feet away. 

3. The poetry.

Canadian/American poet Rachel Rose and composer Leslie Uyeda were commissioned by the Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver to write this opera, which is Canada's first lesbian opera. Rose was Vancouver's Poet Laureate, and her words mix with Uyeda's thoughtfully composed music to carry this gorgeous story home. 

4. It passes the Bechdel-Wallace test.

This opera features at least two women who have names, and talk to each other about something other than a man. It was also composed by a woman, with a libretto by a woman, and is conducted by a woman. 

5. Because love is love.

Although this piece is written about a fictional dystopian country called Fundamentalia, it is still illegal to be LGBTQA in nearly 70 countries around the world today, and people are criminalized because of who they love. Visit Human Rights Watch to learn more.

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