Larry D. Roper

Larry D. Roper

Committee Chair; Emeritus Professor of Language, Culture and Society, Oregon State University


Portland Opera Board Title:

Board Member

Job Title:

Emeritus Professor of Language, Culture and Society

Describe your role with Portland Opera and how long you've been involved with the organization.

I was newly appointed to the Board.

What is your favorite Portland Opera memory?

I am new to the organization and looking forward to being part of future experiences that will be memorable for me and others in our community.

How did you get involved with the opera?

I was invited by a dear friend to consider getting involved with Portland Opera.  The more I learned, the more I became enthused about the possibilities for the future of the opera and what it can bring to Portland and global arts community.

What would you like our audience to know?

That the Arts, in general, and Portland Opera, specifically, are transformative. Portland Opera, as it continues to evolve, will enrich our culture and strengthen our community. Portland Opera, through its innovation and offerings, will emerge as a crucial element in building a stronger, more, connected, and more justice-oriented Portland.

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