Why we're so excited about Carmen

From our Artistic Team:

"Portland Opera is excited to present Carmen, an opera that for many people was their first opera, or is their favorite opera. The opera abounds with familiar tunes that have crossed into the realm of pop culture. We are so fortunate to be able to bring this timeless classic to Portland under the vision of one of the world's most beloved Carmens, Denyce Graves."

Here are five of the many reasons why you won't want to miss Bizet's Carmen:

1. The genius of Denyce Graves. 

This production has been created by one of the world's most renowned Carmens: mezzo-sorpano Denyce Graves. She's brought Carmen to life countless times on the worlds great stages, and brings a unique perspective of both the character and story to this bold, gritty, traditional, new vision of Carmen

2. You know this music. 

Carmen is full of music that you will recognize whether you've seen the opera or not. From the beloved "Habanera" to the march "Toreador"—you may find yourself struggling not to hum along...or at least tap those toes.

3. Get together.

Although Carmen is ultimately a tragedy, this opera is truly a cultural touchstone that both opera lovers and first-time opera samplers can enjoy. So: treat yourself, get fancy with friends, or enjoy the perfect date. Let's get together!

4. It's grand opera.

This production is huge on a few levels: big cast with big voices, big emotions, and the Portland Opera Chorus and Orchestra at full scale. Brace yourself to experience the operatic "wall of sound"...without the amplification.

5. Tradition + New Energy.

Get ready to visit Carmen's home and life in Seville like you've never seen it before. This production still offers swoon-worthy sets and costumes, but with a new energy that is unlike all Carmens that have come before.

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