Belonging at Portland Opera

We are proud to be Portland's opera, and to share inclusive opera experiences. Learn more about the role audience and company members play in creating respectful and meaningful gatherings.

When We Gather

Our commitment to cultural equity continues to inform our audience policies and experiences. When we gather, it must be with respect and with care for the entire community.  

Let us be clear: there is no place for bigotry, discrimination, hate, harassment, or intolerance at Portland Opera.  

Behaviors that are disrespectful, discriminatory, or not aligned with our policies for attendance (including health and safety and firearm policies) will not be tolerated, and audience members may be asked to leave the premises and/or be prohibited from returning in the future. 

Our Cultural Equity task force is currently working on a full Patron and Company Member Code of Conduct, to help guide the way we support positive outcomes when we gather together.  Please take a moment to share your Portland Opera experience with our team:

Do you feel welcomed? Did you experience discrimination? If you have experienced our values in action; or if you have experienced a failure of our commitment to cultural equity, please tell us.  

Use the form below to anonymously (or not) share your message with our Cultural Equity staff working group. Your feedback will be taken to heart at our next monthly meeting, and will prompt corrective action, discussion, company feedback, or adjustments.

Thank you for joining us in creating a safe and welcoming Portland Opera space for everyone.  

Share Your Experience with Our Cultural Equity Taskforce